Choosing an Attorney

Choosing an AttorneyChoosing an Attorney to represent you in your divorce is not a “one size fits all,” journey. The best way to determine if your choice is appropriate is to meet with as many Attorneys as it takes in order to feel comfortable sharing your information.Keep in mind that over the months (or more) that it takes to finalize all the matters, you will be having a great deal of personal contact with your Attorney and you must be able to discuss your case and all of your questions with someone you feel is listening to you. All too often people are referred to an Attorney based on a strong recommendation that was made by someone else. This is fine, so long as before retaining that Attorney there is an initial consultation to make sure you are compatible with that person. Now that the calendar has moved us into 2015 it is important to look at how you can take charge of your life and make sure that you are working with someone that will be looking out for you and your financial, familial, and personal life to make sure that you have a truly Happy New Year!


Article provided by Rory Godowsky, Gonser and Gonser Attorneys 

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