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Am I able to use my husband’s infidelity against him in court?

Q: Am I able to use my husband’s infidelity against him in court? If so, how? Infidelity

A: Delaware is a no fault divorce state.  Our statute is clear that property shall be divided without regard to marital misconduct.  Generally, infidelity is a form of misconduct and the only benefit to filing under that ground is that you can finalize the divorce without waiting for six months of separation.

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free family law consultationsOn Friday July 18th from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., Gonser and Gonser, P.A. will be offering free Family Law consultations statewide. Consultations can be scheduled for all Delaware Family Court matters. Drew Gonser, a founding partner of Gonser and Gonser, P. A. will be conducting the consults at his Wilmington office located on Concord Pike off of Silverside Road, Erin K. Fitzgerald from the Dover office and Ashley Bickel from the Sussex office. It is expected that each consult will last about 15 minutes.

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