Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Our family law attorneys work closely with local immigration attorneys to help undocumented minors who have come under the jurisdiction of Family Court become lawful, permanent residents.   Typically, this process begins with a guardianship proceeding in Family Court to establish findings of abuse, neglect, abandonment, dependency and that reunification with either or both parents in the minor’s home country is not viable.  In these particular cases, it is not enough to simply have a guardianship granted by consent or default.  The Family Court order must contain specific language that can then be used in a later immigration proceeding.

We have worked with minors from numerous countries including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, China, Honduras and Brazil.  Upon arrival in Delaware, the minor child often lives with a family member who is not a parent.  It is this family member who becomes the potential guardian.  There are many strict deadlines involved in these proceedings so it is important to promptly acquire competent and experienced legal representation.  Our office has Spanish speaking staff members who help our clients easily navigate this area of law.  Further, our office is willing to schedule early or late appointments to accommodate the work schedules of the potential guardians as well as the school schedules of the children involved.