Year: 2014

2014 Back to School Creative Contest Winners

Back to School Creative Contest

Congratulations to the following teachers and students for winning $500 for their class in our 2014 Back to School Creative Contest Winners, for portraying the most creative use of the Gonser and Gonser, P.A. logo within their artwork.

Jayme French and students
Warner Elementary
Back to School Creative Contest

Back to School Creative Contest

Milton Downing and students 
Hanby Elementary

Back to School Creative Contest

Back to School Creative Contest

Tabitha Cortijo and students
Sussex Consortium

Back to School Creative Contest

Back to School Creative Contest


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Thanksgiving Giveaway

Thanksgiving Giveaway

Thanksgiving Giveaway: Do  you know of a family going through tough times who may not have the means to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for their family this year?

Gonser and Gonser, P.A. will be giving away three (3) Thanksgiving baskets complete with turkey and all the trimmings this holiday season to local families in need (one family in each county).  We will be accepting  nominations up until November 21st .  We will deliver the Thanksgiving baskets on November 24th.

To nominate a family in need, please complete and submit the form below.

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NOTE: There will be many nominations for the Gonser and Gonser, P.A. Thanksgiving Meal Drive, we will pick 3 families (one in each county), to give back this Holiday Season. Unfortunately, we will not be able to grant every submission.  Thank you for understanding and thanks for taking the time to nominate a family in need. If we chose the family you nominated we will contact you.

Free Consult Friday : Friday, July 18, 2014

free family law consultationsOn Friday July 18th from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., Gonser and Gonser, P.A. will be offering free Family Law consultations statewide. Consultations can be scheduled for all Delaware Family Court matters. Drew Gonser, a founding partner of Gonser and Gonser, P. A. will be conducting the consults at his Wilmington office located on Concord Pike off of Silverside Road, Erin K. Fitzgerald from the Dover office and Ashley Bickel from the Sussex office. It is expected that each consult will last about 15 minutes.

Gonser and Gonser, P.A. was founded in 2005 by Drew and his father, Bill Gonser as a full-service Family Law firm serving the needs of individuals and families throughout the state of Delaware.

Consultations will be by appointment only. To schedule a free consultation please call 302-478-4445 or complete the form below.

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Cry “Havoc!” And Let Slip the Dogs of War!

pet custody

Pet Custody

A custody battle can be a dog-eat-dog affair.  This is especially true when the battle is over the household pet.  Litigation over pets has seen a significant rise in the past couple of years.  Unfortunately, to the dismay of most litigants, pets are not viewed as members of the family but rather merely as property in most states.  Steven May recently wrote in “Who Gets Custody of Pets in A Divorce” that “[w]hile it’s safe to say that most “pet parents” would disagree and see their companions as true members of the family, that view has no standing in court.”

Delaware is no different.  Judge Jurden issued an opinion in March of 2013 resolving a “custody” dispute over a miniature daschund named Dennis Hopper.  In her opinion, Judge Jurden stated that “a dog is property, and does not hold “symbolic importance or value.”   She went on to add that the “Court appreciates the emotional strain this [type of] case presents…[but] [t]hat said, under Delaware law, Dennis has the same legal status as a piece of furniture.”



Article provided by Andrew W. Gonser, Gonser and Gonser Attorneys 

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